What is Zest?

Zest is passion, excitement, and sizzle. An original way of looking at things.

Our Passion: Jewelry Art & Design

The original, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs we and our selected artisan's create, is all hand fabricated directly in the metal,  Each piece is individually hand-crafted with intention and meaning in our downtown Asheville, NC jewelry design studio.  We hope when you own our jewelry, the piece you selected or was gifted to you in celebration of a special occasion, will have as much meaning to you they had to us when we made them. From our hands to yours.

Joy of Self Expression

We combine natural materials with original jewelry design to create personal heirlooms that celebrate the joy of self expression. We hope they will speak to the artist in you.

Our Custom Handcrafted Jewelry Creations

We specialize in custom handmade jewelry design and enjoy making special pieces just for you. Or, we can rework vintage pieces you'd like to update, refurbish or even recycle,

We deeply care about the earth and our mountain environment. We only use recycled precious metals from the mother nature's current supply of gemstones. All diamonds and gemstones are conflict free.


       Wren Hendrickson, jewelry designer,. goldsmith               

Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy our work.