Wren Hendrickson

My jewelry evolves from my heart, and is inspired by the flow and patterns in the natural environment around me. I create my jewelry using traditional hand fabrication techniques, meaning that everything I make is individually crafted by hand in the metal itself. Because of this, each piece is unique and individual, and while they tend to follow similar design themes, they are never exactly the same. Because being unique is what I do. A lot of my designs are one of a kind. They speak to me, as they grow, and I listen and let them flow, from my hands, heart and mind. That’s what I do. I make my jewelry art, and if you like it, I would love to make it for you.

 I use 18K yellow and white, and 14K rose and green golds, for their best color. Many of the diamonds I set are warm, natural colors, champagne to cognac, and golden or lemon yellow. I like combining different colored gemstones and metals, using different textures, in matte or high polish finishes. Usually, I set my stones and pearls in bezels, but occasionally I will do something different, and create a different way to set the gems. I have fun making jewelry, I find it very spontaneous and intuitive. I love creating special custom pieces, or recycling old jewelry into something new and personal.

I love the special meaning jewelry has in peoples' lives, and the ways it is used to celebrate events, and feelings. I like creating something that I know will be valued as art for future generations. I feel privileged to become part of your history. Thank you, please enjoy........

  Jewelry designer, Wren Hendrickson